Friday, June 11, 2010

Woocom Campaigner

Woocom Campaigner is a world leading electronic marketing application. It's ease of use and impressive features, including
real-time performance reporting
, make it a unique marketing medium, available to all businesses which need to keep their clients informed to earn and maintain their loyalty.

Woocom Campaigner has everything you need to succeed in business when it comes to HTML email Communications. If you need to create, send and track high impact and personalised newsletters, product brochures, internal staff communications and follow up sales material, with no more than your internet browser, then Woocom Campaigner is for you.

Contact Woocom if you need any assistance with emarketing. otherwise the best place to start, is by taking a
30 day free trial
and completing the 5 minute Audio Visual Tutorial.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Search Engine Optimization

There are many claims made about
Search Engine Optimisation 'success' and 'top ten' rankings, but at Woocom, we see SEO as the technique which gets your business the web visibility it needs to commercially engage your potential Customers and Clients.

In other words, we see Search Engine Optimisation as a business marketing and promotion tool that has appropriately qualified leads looking at your website sooner for your - and their - mutual benefit. Your website must then tell and sell!